Message Posted

By Avalanche Brook Design

Do you occasionally leave a sticky note for your family on the refrigerator door in the kitchen, or for your co-workers on their desks? Message Posted is an app for that. You can leave a voice recording for your family, friends, co-workers, anyone on your Contacts list, at a place of your choice, indoors or outdoors. And you do not have to be physically at that place to post a message; an internet connection is all that is needed. You do not write the note down or type, just speak, and the app will deliver your voice message, when the recipient's phone approaches the selected place.

How does it Work?

You will need to mark places where you and others can post messages to each other by picking locations on the map. Open My Places, move to the desired area, zoom in, tap, and give the new place a name.

Once your places are created, you are ready to post messages. Go to the Post a message screen, select the recipient and place, record the voice message and tap Post. When the recipient’s device comes near the selected place, it chimes, the app plays back your recording, and the message is marked picked up on the sender's device. The recipient's app now knows about the new place allowing to post messages there. Note that your message will be delivered only if the recipient has you as a contact. The app will not deliver messages from an unknown sender.A few more details. Older messages are deleted after a few days, in order to keep the list from growing too large, or you can delete messages yourself. The name of a place can be edited after the place was created, or the place can be deleted, if no longer needed. If you decide to delete all messages you posted and places you created, you can do so by opening Settings on your device, navigating to your account > iCloud > Manage Account Storage > Message Posted and performing the Delete Data... action

In-App Purchase

After downloading and installing Message Posted you can create a place for free. If you would like to create more places, the app will prompt you for a one-time in-app purchase.

Thank you for using Message Posted.

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